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Rolex DSSD vs. Seiko MM 
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Post Rolex DSSD vs. Seiko MM
Jedna jako dobra usporedba Rolexa DSSD i Seika MM-a. Ono što me najviše iznenadilo su dimenzije. Iako na slikama DSSD izgleda puno veći, zapravo oba modela imaju 44mm u promjeru (MM ima čak i veći promjer brojčanika).

Text by Vince AKA vjb.knife

First, let me start with the numbers but they do not tell the whole story, so keep reading after them (if you are interested). All dimensions are in mm and grams as applicable. These are measurements I made with my watches and my metric dial caliper and calibrated digital electronic scale, but still YMMV. Links are installed for my 8.25" wrist.




Let me talk a little about these dimension numbers. First they are accurate; I have a dial caliper and a digital scale that are easily accurate enough to make these numbers reliable. On the DSSD I have removed the wetsuit extension link and replaced it with a regular link so I think that the weight is pretty close to the same as it would be out of the box. Other than that change both watches have all links installed.

As to case diameter the DSSD looks bigger but the actual measurements are the same and I think that the crown position accounts for most of that appearance. The dial on the DSSD is at least 2mm smaller because of the Ring Lock BS, which really does not show as much as I thought it would but it is one of the technical problems / dislikes that I have for the watch. So while the DSSD looks bigger the MM300 does have a visually and physically larger dial which to me is important. That being said, let me mention the crystals. Both watches have domed crystals which are my favorite, however the DSSD is Sapphire and the MM300 is Mineral / Hardlex. IMO both have advantages. Everyone knows the arguments about the Sapphire being harder and the mineral being more shatter resistant, and that is probably all true, but I have scratched, chipped, and shatterred both types more than once and the difference in applied force between when one or the other will be damaged is meaningless. If you fall down and slam your watch on the street it is going to get screwed up. One big difference that is immediately noticeable is the difference in refractive index between the two materials. When viewing the Mineral crystal equipped watch off angle is is significantly cleared that the sapphire crystal and this is very evident in these two watches with domed crystals. When a Sapphire crystal is flat like a Submariner it is much clearer than a domed one but the domed mineral crystal is still clearer / less distorted and easier to read off angle.

I think the bezels on each watch are excellent but have some technical and style differences that are significant. The similarities are that both have a glossy insert with minute marks all the way around and a triangle mark at 12:00 with a lume pip. I like the look of the insert of both the MM300 and the DSSD but the ceramic is probably better and certainly more scratch resistant that the acrylic type synthetic of the MM300. Repair of a damaged ceramic is certainly more expensive but I insure all of my watches and this makes the ceramic better, because either would be replaced for free but the Rolex service is easier and quicker to get completed. the metal bezel on each is very nice but I actually like the MM300 coin edge better. Both are easy to grip and turn but I just like the look of the MM300 better.

The DSSD is thicker by over 2mm than the MM300 and this is very apparent when wearing them. Along with more weight being in the bracelet of the MM300 than the DSSD due to the difference in width of the bracelets the balance of the MM300 is better and this makes it more comfortable to wear.

The general fit and finish and appearance of both watches is excellent and very comparable. Both watches have matte dials, glossy bezel inserts, polised surround hour markers with excellent lume. The hand design on both are classic. The DSSD has polished metal Mercedes hands with a ball end second hand are pure Rolex but plus sized and blue lume. The MM300 has brushed metal obelisque hands and the fantastic lantern second hand with superior green lume.

The crown is a feature where the DSSD excels over the MM300's non-signed smaller crown. The DSSD is simply better to use, better looking and technically superior due to the triple lock seal system compared to the MM300's smaller diameter, less grippy, finer threaded, single seal design.

The bracelet is a tough call on these in one area, width. With a 20mm wide clasp the MM300 looks better proportioned. Also they are both micro adjustable on the fly with both clasps having the ability to slide in and out with the flip of a lever. I do like the DSSD clasp better because it is machined rather than stamped metal and because it lets the bracelet links slide in and out without looking different and exposing an interior metal slide the looks different than the rest of the bracelet like the MM300. As far as the bracelet links themselves go the appearance of the Submariner type links on the DSSD is better to me and they have screwed together links which I like better than the pinned together links of the MM300.



The movements are both top notch in my book I have owned Rolex watches for over 28 years and Seikos for about 40 years and neither one has ever let me down. I have owned Seadwellers the longest and Submariners next followed by a GMT IIC and most recently the DSSD and all have been accurate reliable and a pleasure to own. I can say the same for Seiko, having owned and old Seiko Sport 70 for over 30 years without service or problems, a 7002 for 10 years and numerous others for many years without issue. To me this is the bottom line; they keep time and they do it reliably and accurately for years on end. Screw the haute horology, it means nothing to me, I want them to take a beating and keep on ticking (stolen slogan that is the truth).

Finally are the two bottom line issues between these watches and they are cost and practicality. I have to say that they both go to Seiko's MM300 over the DSSD. The DSSD is 3-4 times the cost and has a lot of features that while they are cool in a way are still so over the top that they have no meaning or purpose. These include the HRV, 3900 meter depth rating, ringlock system, huge thick case, etc. If it was not for the bracelet clasp, the domed Sapphire crystal, the ceramic bezel, the big crown, the matte dial and the larger hands I would not have considered getting the DSSD. Also the fact that I got a great trade and purchase price helped.

For all intents and purposes the Seiko MM300 does everything that the DSSD does at 1/3 to 1/4 the price. There are definitely some aesthetics and some added cache to the Rolex for some people but you just have to figure out if that is worth the difference in cost. I like the DSSD overall and will have it for a while but I think someday it is a lot more likely say goodbye than the Seiko MM300 from my collection.

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Post Re: Rolex DSSD vs. Seiko MM
Zanimljivo poredjenje i pored pogresnih podataka za MM :reading

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Post Re: Rolex DSSD vs. Seiko MM
Eto... I rest my case! :lol: :lol:

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Post Re: Rolex DSSD vs. Seiko MM
jednog od dvojice imam, tako da nisam kompetibilan.. :happy0129


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Post Re: Rolex DSSD vs. Seiko MM
Osobno bi prije uzea Rolex... Pogotovo ovaj sa slike TOP

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